Effective in minimizing oxidation and preserving healthy nutrients, the Breville JE98XLJuicer is significantly favored by users looking for silent operations and convenient method of blending a common food ingredients. Packaged by having an overload protection LED, 850-watt motor, dual speed capabilities, dishwasher-safe parts, large-volume pulp collector, safety locking arm, powerful and fast stainless-steel disc for cutting purposes as well as an extra-wide feeder chute of three-inches this Breville product ranks high in the listing of countertop juicing machines.

Lightweight , durable and including a filter basket 1-liter juice jug with froth separator along with a smart cleaning brush this model promises the greatest levels of safety which is the correct choice for straightforward as well as difficult cooking sessions.

Examine several of its benchmarked features that may help your start your mood –the healthy way!

Incorporation of low-speed operating inputs, a protection start system with two steps, easy installation processes and patented cleaning tools for straightforward and hassle-free clean-ups, makes the Breville JE98XL an extremely desired kitchen appliances on the racks. Its 850 watt motor was designed to operate at two speeds of 6500 RPM ( as an softer ingredients like spinach and cantaloupe ) and 12,000 RPM (for hard vegetables/ fruits like beet and apple) and creates the minimum amounts of noise. Equipped with a 1 Year Limited Warranty, this 12.5 pounds juicer has favorable physical dimensions and plans to sit well on the shelvesAnd platforms of kitchens of most size and shapes.

Breville’s Nutri Disc Juicing System

The patented Breville JE98XL juicing system is designed to extract a better nutrients than its rivals. It transmits only one.8F of warmth that protects enzymes and maximizes the nutrient absorption of specific ingredients. The juicer’s cutting disc is very powerful and totally complements the functionality of the 3-inch feeder chute which eliminates the necessity for chopping vegetables. Should you be looking toward your glass of most natural, delicious juice, than the product will help you whip a much higher yield which is more consistent, smoother and filled with important nourishment. Equally perfect for making sauces, soups and gravies, the juicer’s dual-speed technology succeeds in adding lots of value to this product.

Product Highlights

1) Breville JE98XL contains an ultra-quiet high-powered 1200 watt motor that can be run in 5 variable speeds.

2) A Nutri Disc with titanium coated cutting blades also as a stainless steel meshed filter basket for spinning pulp and shredding fruits.

3) A steel puree disc that comes with a soft fruit insert that assists in ensuring maximum yield through the softest vegatables and fruits

4) Its high vibration and noise control is because the patented direct central feeding system that centers the chute about the Nutri Disc.

4) Much grade metal body for extensive durability.

5) A security locking arm that forestalls the equipment from operating in case the cover is absent.

Safety Start System (Two Step)

The juicer’s magnetic safety sensor requires proper assembly and curbs the juicer from functioning, otherwise assembled correctly. The juicer is specifically designed to shut off without treatment when it is disassembled during operation.

Innovative Designs

An easy lift handle is just one of its most desired feature and causes it to be convenient for users to utilize the machine for day-to-day purposes. It comes with a stylish design that will look good on just about any kitchen counter.

With power packed features, an affordable cost and useful advantages, this juicer is worth an appearance.

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